Where We Be
Wilmington, North Carolina
We spent the morning touring the Battleship North
Carolina in Wilmington. This ship was in every major
battle of the South Pacific during World War II. Our
time on the top deck was limited by cold weather,
but we did get to marvel at the big guns, stand on
the captain’s bridge, climb into a gun turret, and
"fire" an anti-aircraft gun emplacement. Inside the
battleship it was like a mini-city -- there was even
an ice cream parlor.

Wilmington has a small-town feel to it but includes a
large Historic District of amazingly well preserved
antebellum homes. It seemed like every other home
had a plaque in front of it explaining who had lived
there and why it was significant. On a warmer day
we would have strolled more slowly, but at least we
got a taste of this historic city.

After a down-home southern lunch  of fried green
tomatoes and “Hoppin’ John” (black-eyed peas,
rice, and collard greens), we strolled along the
Riverwalk. This lovely part of town near the Cape
Fear River features extensive wooden boardwalks,
quaint shops, and intimate restaurants with patio
Look out Wilmington!
Robin proudly captains the battleship
The Really Big Guns
As close as I hope to ever get to battle!
Working periscope with crosshairs set on Wilmington
This radio room reminded Robin of her dad, who served on the USS Pitt in WW II
Amazing battleship superstructure
One of many quaint restaurants along the Riverwalk
The Riverwalk in Wilmington
Our first taste of the Southern specialties Hoppin' John and fried green tomatoes
The Riverwalk is empty of people now but is bustling in summer