Where We Be
Charleston, South Carolina
Magnificent Drayton Hall sits on the banks of the Ashley River on the outskirts of Charleston
A horse-drawn carriage passes in front of pastel antebellum homes in the heart of Charleston's historic district
Robin bounces on a  "jogging board," which flexes in the middle and moves from side to side
The lovely Aiken-Rhett House has survived virtually unaltered since 1858 and gives a great sense of antebellum life in Charleston for the rich and powerful
Cobblestoned Chalmers Street is picturesque but harbors a dark past as the center of the slave trade in Charleston
As you stroll through the city you find one architectural gem after another, like the Nathaniel Russell House (left) and this private home (right)
Lovely antebellum homes border White Point Gardens (The Battery) at the southern tip of Charleston's peninsula
We've never been to the South before and definitely fell under the spell of Charleston with its easy pace of life, green spaces, and antebellum homes
We fell in love with the sprawling oak trees draped with low-hanging Spanish moss in and around Charleston
Charleston is one of our new favorite American
cities. What a pleasure to stroll past the antebellum
plantation homes of this garden city. The homes are
charming behemoths, typically painted in soft colors,
square-shaped, three or four stories tall, and with
extensive balconies on each floor.

The city is eminently walkable. At the southern end
of Charleston’s peninsula is The Battery. Wandering
through this historic district was our favorite
experience here. We strolled through White Point
Gardens (a landscaped park shaded by palmettos
and live oaks), walked along the seawall enjoying
the views of the harbor and distant Fort Sumter, and
ambled past gorgeous plantation homes bordering
the park. Little by little we absorbed Charleston's
ambience and fell in love with it.

As we worked our way slowly northward, we
discovered enticing alleyways with cobblestone
streets, romantic carriages drawn by clopping
horses, hidden gardens tucked between buildings,
gracious homes immaculately maintained, flowers
blooming in "winter," and quaint restaurants with
tempting menus. We definitely plan to come back to
see more of this southern belle of a city.
Pretty St. Philip's Church