Where We Be
Palm Beach, Florida
Robin with Cousin Jackie at North Palm Beach
A friendly sea turtle at the turtle sanctuary at North Palm Beach
Bob & Robin at North Palm Beach
Clown fish at the turtle sanctuary
Cousin Jackie in Pa Reed's rocking chair
Jackie took us to see red-painted Jupiter Lighthouse
Robin's cousin Jackie was kind enough to share
her home with us for a day or two just before our
Southern Caribbean cruise leaving out of Fort
Lauderdale. Her Palm Beach home is located only a
short distance away, so it made for a great base.

On our first evening together, Jackie cooked us a
wonderful homemade dinner, then we went to a
show at Eissey Theater, where students performed
songs and dance. One memorable dance set to
"Ghostbusters" had dancers wearing neon- colored
rectangular sheets totally covering them from head
to toe.

On Sunday Jackie took us to the beach first, then
we visited a turtle rescue facility right next door,
where we saw a 90-pound sea turtle being lifted out
of its holding tank so it could be given medication.
Next we visited Jupiter Inlet, where the sea meets
the intracoastal waterway. Nearby was the 156-foot-
tall Jupiter Lighthouse, a cinammon-painted

In the morning, after hugs goodbye, we drove the
short distance to Fort Lauderdale for our cruise.