Where We Be
The elegant Maasdam sits just offshore at Half Moon Cay, Holland America's lovely private island
Southern Caribbean Cruise -- Holland America
Robin and Dad look ready for a day at the beach on Half Moon Cay
Idyllic stretch of sand on Aruba's Eagle Beach. (Don't those palm trees just beckon to you?)
River tubing down the Layou River Gorge in Dominica -- what a blast!
Stretches of rapids alternated with lazy, flowing pools
The four of us together at St. Thomas
Maasdam is a thing of beauty inside and out
I have the best parents in the world!
Curacao's picturesque waterfront, with its colorful buildings and Dutch architecture, make this island unique and memorable
Three formal nights gave us a chance to play dress-up. I haven't worn a tie in years! I love the picture of Mom & Dad cracking up laughing.
I just love this picture of Robin looking adorable in her blue beach hat
A rainbow ends in Roseau, Dominica's capital city. Dominica is called the "Nature Island" and with good reason: it's lush, green, and mountainous.
This wide expanse of powder-white sand is Eagle Beach on Aruba
Mom & Dad at water's edge on Dominica
We discovered an amazing stretch of empty coast between Palm & Eagle Beaches on Aruba, complete with "blowholes" shooting sea water up through fissures.
Curacao -- another hard day of retirement!
One of the many colorful churches in Willemstad, Curacao
We went on a self-guided photo expedition through the streets of Willemstad, Curacao
An iguana bakes in the sun at St. Thomas
Maasdam all lit up at night. When can we go again?
Adirondack chairs under palm trees invite you to while away the day in Aruba
Mom displays a tempting chocolate dessert -- one of many!
The Gloria String Quartet provided soothing chamber music each evening
The Indonesian staff on board is just amazing -- perhaps the best at sea
This floating pontoon bridge in Curacao swings open on a "hinge" to let ships pass through
A peek at the elegant dining room aboard the Maasdam
The Floating Market at Curacao sells fruits and vegetables from nearby Venezuela
Mom & Dad wear chef hats at the Master Chef's Dinner
Dad with a friendly Dominican restaurant owner
A late-evening departure from Curacao allowed us to snap a few photos of the illuminated waterfront
Ten days of decadent desserts! We need to go on a diet!
It's been way too long since we've done a cruise with my
parents. This ten-day Holland America cruise aboard the
Maasdam (Jan 15-25) was a real winner -- just the right
balance of active days in port and relaxing days at sea.

Our first stop was Half Moon Cay, Holland America's
private island and one of my all-time favorite beaches. We
enjoyed a swimmingly good beach day.

Dominica -- the "Nature Island" -- was a highlight of our
trip, with a memorable tubing experience down the Layou
River Gorge and a stroll through the capital city of Roseau
to visit the botanical gardens.

Curacao was colorful and wonderful! The whole historic
district, with its pastel buildings and Dutch architecture, is
a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Robin and I went on a
self-guided photo excursion through the city while Mom
and Dad visited an ostrich farm and aloe factory. (They
even got to hold ostrich chicks in their hands!)

In Aruba, Robin and I took a long and spectacular beach
walk along three of Aruba's best beaches -- Palm, Eagle,
and Manchebo Beaches. Truly an idyllic day.