Where We Be
My two favorite tree climbers (Sydney on left, Logan on right)
Sanibel Island, Florida
Trent played football with GI's on a surfboard (aren't kids great?)
A great egret waits patiently for his reflection to move
Sydney demonstrates how to balance on Uncle Bob
You just HAVE to build a sand castle decorated with sea shells when you're on Sanibel Beach
Pointe Santo de Sanibel Condos -- a wonderful location right on the beach
"Uncle Bob" was very popular in the pool
I love this "abstract photo" Logan took of the lagoon through a mesh screen
Roseate spoonbill in flight at the Sanibel nature reserve
Sanibel has lots of bike trails -- all flat!
An alligator patrols the waterway next to the bike path
Logan's turn! (Am I looking a little tired here?)
Logan perches pretty as can be in a tree
Can you imagine kids any cuter than these? Sydney and Trent pose in the water for Aunt Robin
Posing for two pictures at once -- where to look?
As sometimes happens, we took lots of pics of the kids and only this one of my brother Dave
We all played volleyball on the beach (Trent's team won by "a gazillion one to thirty"!)
Snowy egret meets turtle in lagoon...What happens next?
The kids model chefs' hats from our Holland America cruise
Fresh fish and pasta at an outdoor patio on nearby Captiva Island -- How good can it get?
I kept hoping the kids would forget my nightly hair appointment, but they never did!
Sanibel Island is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida just
offshore of Fort Myers. This lovely getaway spot is known
for its white sand beaches, seashells, wildlife refuges
(constituting half the island), and tourist amenities. We
spent two great days with my brother Dave, his wife Diane,
and their three amazing kids -- Sydney, Logan, and Trent.
They were nice enough to put us up at their condo for two
nights. Here are the highlights of our time together:

  • We cycled to a nature reserve and saw roseate
    spoonbills, snowy egrets, yellow crowned night
    herons, a young raccoon, and even tree crabs
  • We lucked out and saw an alligator patrolling the
    waterway next to the bike path on our way home
  • I played hours of sharks and minnows in the pool
    with the kids and gave Sydney and Logan rides on
    my shoulders into the deep end
  • We searched for seashells by the seashore, went for
    a power walk by the ocean, built a sand castle, and
    played volleyball on the beach (according to Trent,
    the score at one point was "a gazillion one to thirty")
  • The kids made sure I didn't forget my nightly hair
    appointment -- they styled my hair with mousse,
    rubbed shaving cream on my cheeks and nose, and
    even put eye shadow on my forehead
You loook mah-velous!