Where We Be
Enchanted Rock is over a billion years old (no wonder it's bald on top!)
Not exactly Everest but 500 feet of elevation gain makes it steep by Texas standards
Good training for our return to Colorado
This single monolithic slab of granite is definitely one of the more unusual sights in Texas Hill Country
The granite used to construct the state capitol in Austin came from this granite-rich area
Enchanted Rock, Texas
Enchanted Rock is a single
monolithic slab of granite that is
over one billion years old. In a state
that is mostly flat, it's nice to find a
big chunk of rock to climb!

Located in the northern part of the
Hill Country, Enchanted Rock State
Park is a good excuse for a scenic
drive and some exercise. We hiked
up Summit Trail, a half-mile climb
with 500 feet of elevation gain, to
the top of the massive granite
dome. At the top it was windy
enough that we didn’t linger long,
but halfway down we sat with our
backs against a natural wind block
and enjoyed the quiet beauty. For
any geologists out there, this is one
of the largest batholiths in the U.S.
(a “large emplacement of igneous
intrusive rock that forms from
cooled magma deep in the Earth’s