Where We Be
San Antonio, TX
Mar 12, 16, & 26, 2008
Bandera, TX
March 1-31, 2008
Kerrville, TX
April 1-30, 2008
Texas Hill Country
Austin, TX
April 17-18, 2008
Fredericksburg, TX
April 25, 2008
Big Bend National Park, TX
May 4-6, 2008
(Not part of the Hill Country, but our next stop in Texas)
LBJ Ranch, TX
April 19, 2008
Luckenbach & Llano
April 12, 2008
People seem surprised when we tell them
we spent two whole months in the Texas
Hill Country, but they wouldn't be if they
could see it in springtime. It's quite the
lovely place with its rolling hills, carpets
of wildflowers, meandering rivers, scenic
state parks, quaint German towns, and
delicious barbecue. The Hill Country is
bracketed by Austin to the north and San
Antonio to the south -- two great cities in
their own right. The much smaller towns
of Bandera and Kerrville served as our
bases for March and April, respectively.
But we didn't just stay put -- we did a lot  
of local exploring, as these pages show.