Where We Be
Guadalupe State Park, Texas
Kids frolic in the waters of the Guadalupe River under limestone cliffs
Guadalupe River State Park, nearly deserted mid-week, offers wonderful serenity
A bucolic spot along the river
There are worse ways to spend a spring afternoon!
I went on my own to Guadalupe River State Park on a
gorgeous day in mid-April. The park was green with new
spring growth and mostly empty on a mid-week day.
Limestone cliffs lined the far side of the river. Really, it’s not
surprising this place is designated as a state park because it
is so tranquil and beautiful -- it's my favorite state park in
Texas so far.

After a picnic lunch, I sat cross-legged on round pebbles
near the edge of the water, half in shade and half out of it,
with the water burbling next to me. I watched swallows fly en
masse in and out of tiny holes in the limestone cliffs. Hawks
soared higher overhead. At one point I watched a hawk fly
awkwardly just above the trees with a snake dangling from
its talons, another hawk trailing it closely.

It didn't take long to stroll to the far end of the park. A rough
fisherman's trail continued further downriver and I followed
it until it petered out. When I got back to the main stretch of
river, I put my feet in, and it felt so good I waded out deeper.
Eventually I found myself in cool water up to my thighs. The
round river stones crunched pleasantly under my Tevas. The
water was crystal clear. All in all, a wonderful sunny day.