Where We Be
LBJ's Ranch -- Johnson City, Texas
No wonder Lyndon B. Johnson liked to spend so much of his time as President here -- it's gorgeous!
The Texas White House -- LBJ's Ranch. A lot of very powerful people have sat under that mighty oak.
The Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm sits close to LBJ's ranch and offers a great sense of farm life at the turn of the century
Inviting road leading into the LBJ Ranch near Johnson City, Texas
Lovely cemetary site where LBJ is buried
Our favorite stop on the way home from Austin was the LBJ
Ranch. Lyndon B. Johnson's "Texas White House" served
as a gathering point for dignitaries from around the world
during his presidency. What a lovely spot, especially in
springtime. LBJ's obvious love for his quiet home in the
Texas Hill Country was apparent. We watched a video in
which he talked about the serenity he got from the land,
and it’s the same feeling we had.

The ranch tour took an hour and a half and offered lovely
views of the Pedernales River. We saw mighty oaks and
hilly grasslands dotted with cattle. Our guide pointed out
the one-room schoolhouse where LBJ learned to read, and
we toured the reconstructed home that served as his
birthplace. We walked across a path to the place where he
is buried—a beautiful plot of land with huge oak trees and a
view of the river. The big attraction at the site is the Ranch
House, a century-old rock farmhouse greatly enlarged over
the years.

Next door and definitely worth a visit is turn-of-the-century
Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm, where costumed
interpreters provide insights into early 1900s farm life. They
live and work on the farm using the same techniques used
back then.