Where We Be
Fredericksburg, Texas
Whole fields of red poppies and other wildflowers have been sown at Wildseed Farms, resulting in spectacular springtime displays of color
The same museum that houses the atomic bomb casing has this Peace Garden,
a gift from Japan in honor of the lasting peace and amity between our countries
A surprising amount of actual military hardware from WW II resides here
A patch of bluebonnets growing wild alongside the road -- rarer this year than most
Robin poses with the poppies
You might call this a semi-wild wildflower garden
Bluebonnets -- a Texas springtime tradition
Lovely mix of wildflowers at Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg
Admiral Nimitz Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg
Fredericksburg is a quaint German town that offers up an odd
combination of wildflowers and war museums, but that's just
the nature of things in the Texas Hill Country.

Wildseed Farms, located just east of Fredericksburg, is a
gardening store with huge plantings of wildflowers in the
surrounding fields. This makes it a tourist attraction in its own
right in the spring. We saw fields filled with red poppies and
mixed wildflowers that were strikingly beautiful. In a dry year in
which wild bluebonnets have been harder to come by than
usual, Wildseed Farms offers guaranteed good viewing.

Speaking of odd conjunctions, it's odd that Chester Nimitz, a
Hill Country boy who grew up in Fredericksburg far from the
ocean, became Admiral of the entire Pacific Fleet during World
War II. This local boy made good now has a museum in his
honor, and it's located right in the hotel in Fredericksburg that
once served as his boyhood home. Admiral Nimitz Museum of
the Pacific War offers an in-depth account of the entire Pacific
island-hopping campaign. It uses photos, films, sound clips,
dioramas, and actual WW II military hardware to tell the story.
We spent five hours there and still only scratched the surface.
This is the casing for the third atomic bomb that would have
been dropped on Japan if the first two hadn't ended the war
I just love this photo! I used it as my desktop photo for awhile.
Recreated Japanese defensive positions at a Pacific island beachhead