Where We Be
Roswell, New Mexico
Entrance to the UFO Museum in Roswell
An alien traveler plants its flag
Showtime used this recreation of a dead alien on a gurney in its "Roswell" movie
Alien version of tube feeding?
Close Encounters display
Evocative painting of the alien crash said to have occurred at Roswell
Appropriate name for a cafe located next to the UFO Museum
This store across from the museum sells kitschy UFO T-shirts and mugs
The UFO Museum & Research Center was just too good to
pass up. We spent two hours learning about the UFO crash
said to have occurred here. The Roswell Incident Timeline
provides a day-by-day accounting of the events, including
witness testimonies, photographs, maps, and newspapers
with blaring headlines. It certainly seems as if a cover-up
occurred here, but of what is far less certain. Many in town
believe four small aliens died in a crash—and a surprising
number of military men, doctors, and scientists from that time
seem to support the idea that a UFO crash did indeed occur
and that they were coerced into remaining silent. Hmmm.

The museum includes kitschy paintings of the alien crash site
and a lifelike prop of a dead alien on a medical gurney. This
was used in the Showtime movie “Roswell” and donated to
the museum afterwards. There's even a research library at
the site where you can read hundreds of books about UFOs
and access a computer database of UFO sightings around the

Everyone gets into the act here: as we were leaving Roswell,
we saw a sign at Arby's that read "Aliens Welcome!'