Where We Be
Louisville, Colorado
Richard & Kristy have such an inviting back yard (you can just see the roof line of our old Louisville home next door)
Kicking back with Richard & Kristy in the evening
Richard & Kristy's oasis of a back yard
We've played a lot of gin rummy and board games at that kitchen table
It feels good just to relax!
We've come full circle, back to our starting
point. After eight months away, it felt a little
strange to stand in front of our old home (which
we sold last year) but not go in. However, our
next-door neighbors Richard & Kristy made us
feel right at home in their lovely home. We've
always loved their back yard -- it's like a little
oasis in the suburbs, a comfortable place where
we've often come over to hang out, sip wine,
relax, and play a game of cards or just chat.

On the evening of our arrival, Richard & Kristy
started a fire in the fire pit on the back porch
and we sat around drinking wine and laughing,
just like old times. We even managed to fit in a
late-night game of gin rummy. Richard crushed
us — we only played three hands and conceded
the game to him.

What we missed most about being away from
Colorado wasn't the house, of course, but the
chance to be with friends. We look forward to
spending more time with them this summer
when we'll be back in Boulder for two months,
but for now our return is little more than a
stopover before our flight to Boston and a
month-long stay with Robin's family in Maine.