Where We Be
Kilchbalm Hike, Switzerland
We got our best weather of the day on the hike back -- clear skies with unobstructed views of Jungfrau Peak
Jungfrau towers above us as we make the final ascent to Gimmelwald
We eventually arrived at this glacial cirque -- a huge meadow with towering circular walls
This cow seemed to take a particular interest in Robin -- it "stalked" her through the meadow. We're not sure if it was being aggressive or just curious.
Falls near the start of the hike
It rained heavily the day before, so we were glad to see the sun on our last day in Gimmelwald
At the head of the cirque we saw these two cows eying us -- and decided to turn back!
Our last day in Gimmelwald was a sunny and
satisfying one. We started it off with a morning
hike to Kilchbalm. We were able to walk to the
trailhead right from our door. The hike was
about 1½ hours each way. It was listed in the
Rick Steves book as “very easy,” but with 800
feet of elevation gain we thought it was closer
to moderate. We arrived at a gorgeous glacial
cirque -- a huge meadow with towering circular
walls. Three waterfalls rushed down its walls,
and rivers and streams crisscrossed the valley
floor. We had a lovely picnic while sitting on a
flat rock and enjoying the views. On the way
back the skies became even clearer and we
had unobstructed views of Jungfrau Peak at
the far end of the valley. This was a real treat,
especially with the roaring river next to us.
After regrouping for a few minutes back at our
guesthouse, we headed off for another hike.
Looking back at Jungfrau Peak from the far end of the Kilchbalm hike
Early morning was wet from all the rain
We had to pass through a muddy meadow here -- and the cows were a little too friendly!